Hudson Carbon

A new marketplace for carbon capture.

Coming 2021

Hudson Carbon is an on-farm soil laboratory. We study how organic regenerative farming can maximize carbon capture and restore ecosystems.

In 2021, we will sell carbon offsets directly from farms and will share our expertise to scale practical solutions to restore the carbon balance.

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What is the carbon cycle?

Our planet naturally regulates and maintains the carbon cycle between the atmosphere and the ground.

But humans have disrupted this cycle, releasing too much carbon into the atmosphere causing our planet to warm.

Regenerative agriculture is one powerful solution to help re-balance the carbon cycle.

When plants photosynthesize, they capture carbon from the air and bring it into the soil.

This is natural carbon capture, and we are building a new marketplace for it.

So you can purchase natural carbon offsets from certified farmers all over the world.

All while restoring balance to our planet’s natural carbon cycle.